Sunday, May 12, 2013

Clef Products (Electronics) Ltd.

In the next entries I will be publishing some information about Clef Products Ltd. (sometimes called Clef Electronics). This company had very interesting kits, some of them were ahead of their time, but badly marketed. I have a couple previous post about Clef, look for the Clef tag.

I've found this web with profuse information about Clef and the kits they were selling at that time:

In conversation with our friend Jeffrey Jones about Clef, he recalls:

"As regards Clef I have met Alan Boothman twice, once at an electronics exhibition where he had a stand displaying the piano and string ensemble, and once when I went to his premises to pick up the cabinet for the piano. He was always very friendly and helpful. I also had contact from someone who used to work at Clef. He was advertising to buy a String Ensemble about two years ago. I contacted him and he gave me a valuable insight into the company which I can share with you."
Sure we will enjoy what you have to told us Jeff! He also sent this old Clef two-page catalog pictured here:

I made this chronological list of Clef instruments/kits:
  • 1972 - PE Electronic Piano (Practical Electronics, sep 1972 to jan 1973)
  • 1975 - Joanna (PE Joanna - Practical Electronics, may to sept 1975, may 1977)
  • 1976 - Sound Design (updated Joanna) (Practical Electronics, mar 1976 pg.215?)
  • 1978 - String Ensemble (PE String Ensemble - Practical Electronics, mar to july 1978)
  • 1978 - Electronic Piano (88 keys, 72 keys and 'Stage Piano', three versions of an updated Joanna)
  • 1979 - Master Rhythm (PE Master Rhythm - Practical Electronics, dec 1980 to jan 1981)
  • 1979 - Band-Box (PE Bandbox - Practical Electronics, nov 1981to feb 1982)
  • 1982 - Microsynth (aka. uSynth and later B30 Microsynth - Practical Electronics, jun to aug 1982)
  • 1984 - PDSG
I don't know if Clef had more than those instruments/kits mentioned here. From all of it, there are so little info on the web, so, with the help from some friends, in the following posts we will be talking about some of this rare instruments.

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