Saturday, June 23, 2012

Surprise!!! More Dewtron

Weird, I have the blog almost abandoned because I don't have all the time I wished but last months I saw several comments about the rare stuff we're talking here, seems that Google sent me all the people interested in rare/old synths, I hope this can help the visitors in any way. Sadly very few people give an email address or webpage to contact for a chat about the subject.

Luckily that was not the case of Patrick Kirby (of Planet Television London who wanted to collaborate with the blog and all the people looking for information about Dewtron stuff. Patrick also likes old instruments, he told me he wrote an article about Selmer Musical Instrument company some time ago

Patrick scanned and cleaned this info-sheet about the Dewtron "Ring-O-Lett" Ring Modulator RM2 we're showing here. Obviously this short information doesn't reveal the magic behind this mysterious module but is a great help for all the people looking for a way to connect or test an RM2 module.

Also this little manual give us some interesting news about Dewtron, it seems that the name comes from "Design Engineering (Workingham) Ltd." a company located at that time at 254 Ringwood Road, Ferndown, Dorset, BH22 9AR - ENGLAND, the name of the owner was Brian H. Baily.

Wow! I think this was a great collaboration because to my knowledge there is not much information on the web more than all written in my previous posts. Thanks to Patrick Kirby for that, and I encourage to all of you who want to share any info about any old and rare electronic musical instrument to contact me, I will give you all the credits for that.