Sunday, September 4, 2011

Deadmau5 stuff

Interesting stuff in the toys room of deadmau5.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The asq16, a starry sequencer

I'm coming again with strange stuff. The ASQ16 sequencer. I think this is very interesting because googling about this there is nothing. I never saw one of this and never saw any product from this company, BASTA sound+movie, Berlin SO36.

It seems a very simple sequencer, but certainly I can't confirm if is 'simple' or not because I can't read the panel labels. And the 16 in the name is confusing because it seems that have 2 channels of 8 steps, barely I can read the first knob could be "sequence lenght"and can see 8 stops in the selector, but below there is a switch and maybe this could chain channel A with channel B to get 16 steps. The second knob is "speed control" that is clock or tempo, of course. Below there are two buttons, green and red, easily one can think that is 'start' and 'stop' or 'reset'. Then, there are two CV outputs and a knob that seems is "range", the other controls and jacks are unreadable.

I think is an interesting thing to share here, not because a sequencer is a rare bird, but this brand and model maybe is not so common. This was seen on eBay Germany
possibly the link will have a short life so I grabbed the pics to put here. I think someone else know about this rarity, judging for the 35 bids and for the price payed (202€)

I waited a time to see if the usual blogs about synths (Matrixsynth,, etc.) mention this, but nobody talk about this sequencer. I think is rare enough to let pass away, hope you find interesting too.