Sunday, May 19, 2013

Aliens, Dewtron and stuff

Here is this second article collaboration from a source that wants to remain anonymous, despite this I can tell you that this story is real.

Many of us, synth fans, ask ourselves for why reason synth companies or kit builders in the 80's, went down in business.

Many of us argue that it was caused by the japanese invasion.

But what many of us doesn't know is that the aliens also had something in this business, as was the case for the Dewtron company (it can't be another one that you Dewtron!)

Please take the time to read this weird/funny/strange story about the people of Dewtron and some info about the customer service, you won't regret!

"One day in about 1974 a man knocked on the door of my basement in London. I was in my early 20s and this man was about in his mid-40s. He was dressed in a blue shirt and black trousers.

I thought he was a policeman, but he was not. He had met a friend of mine called Antoinette in Wales and she had suggested he talk to me.

This man was called Nigel Woodfine and he came to talk about his friend Brian Bailey, of Dewtron.

This was a big coincidence because I had already built a Dewtron synth and so had my friend Max Norman.

Then Nigel showed me about 12 typewritten pages. Brian had been possessed by aliens. He was an electronic engineer with no past interest in aliens or UFOs or anything esoteric whatsoever. 

Over a period of about a week he had felt compelled to write down what was dictated to him in the form of automatic writing. Someone else's hand controlled his pen.

The messages in general went along the predictable lines of 'We come in peace to bring you this message etc.' All very interesting, but you could have put it down to the imagination of someone.

But in these pages was one thing which was a specific experiment. I don't have the pages any more, but the message went like this:

'Take a diamond and cleave it in the quadrant mode, so that a beam of light of x angstroms strikes the third axis of the diamond at Y degrees.'

I have forgotten what x and y numbers were.

My father was a PhD in geology, working for BP research, so I showed him but he could not understand exactly how to do the experiment.

As far as I know nothing was done about these messages, but I kept in touch with Nigel for a while and Brian Bailey went crazy trying to understand what it all meant."

Later, the anonymous friend adds:
"The Dewtron synths were very bad because all the circuits were set in brown polyester resin and when they were built they could not be repaired. If you bought 2 VCOs these had to be matched and ordered together. I bought 2 and somehow both were destroyed. I sent them back with Nigel and Brian replaced just one for me, he would not give me both. A one oscillator synth is not much good to anyone."

In the following email, I asked to 'anonymous' why Nigel was sent to him and he reply:
"I am still in touch with Antoinette. I should ask her how she came to send Nigel to me about Brian Bailey of Dewtron. I know Brian went to talk to the people at Porton Down. Porton Down is a government and military research station in Wiltshire who also used to investigate UFO cases, maybe they still do. I don't think they were very interested."

I know, this entry is not very synth related... but you can't deny that this story made you laugh or -at least- put a smile in your face! Oh Dewtron! you have so much to tell us...

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