Saturday, June 26, 2010

Updating Dewtron

I'm very busy now to write new posts but will be some news when I finish the research of some rare devices. Recently, I realized that on my past post of Dewtron lost one image from the Dr. Robert P. Fletcher website. Is my intention to not duplicate information on the web and for that reason I don't copy resources in my blog and usually I put links to the sources. The web is dynamic, some webs are deleted frequently, so then we lost some information, even the can't catch all and we lost some pictures, maybe I will change my mind and do the same as Matrixsynth, duplicating to preserve the information.
Well, in any case as I saved the picture from Dr. Fletcher website, I've updated the link in the previous post and also posted here:

I've found this ad in the website;

But the most interesting discovery was on the Discofreq's Effects Database, under Dewtron brand name, is found the Fuzzorama effect. I can't found more info on the web, but all indicates that is the same Dewtron company.


SOFIA said...

Tuve que leer bien la tercera imágen porque había leído "fuZORRAma". Tengo la mente podrida

Mull Geology said...

I used to have a Fuzzorama, back in 1978 when I was a student. IIRC, it came as a kit and had to build it myself. The fuzz tone was a bit nasty to be honest.

The case was interesting - it looked like a piece of downpipe form a gutter with a couple of endcaps stuck on it

Wish I had kept it!

elgauchoandres said...

Hi James! Thanks for your comments. I never heard the Fuzzorama but seeing the picture of the circuit is very simple if not useless. But you know, all the crap from the past, today is the best paid "vintage" in eBay! ;) Cheers.