Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I like the old Blacet kits. Introducing: the SYN-BOW.

I like the way Blacet put his ads in Synapse and Polyphony magazines the fabulous kits they was selling. Of course I like the kits more than the ads, but is almost impossible to get today one of this little wonders.

Here is the Syn-Bow, this is a very rare instrument, you could find until 20 Hammond Novachords out there but tell me how much Syn-Bows you'll able to locate?

Recently one Syn-Bow was on the VEMIA auctions and the price reached as high like 1.000 USD! Not so time back, John Blacet was asking to people in the forums if anybody have one Syn-Bow or at least the manual because he have lost the information he had. I don't think this instrument will be considered so expensive like a Stradivarius and paying this amount makes me think the possibility that was the same John Blacet that was trying to take back home one of his babies.

The picture on VEMIA is not very clear, but seems is in good shape, and this came with an original promotional brochure. The brochure reveals more information that the included in the magazine ads. But one day I found several pictures of a very nice Syn-Bow on Flickr. This one, seems to be a "second generation" or at least a repaired one because the chip adapter, the Syn-Bow is from about 1978/79 and the adapter appeared about 1995 when the wide-body SN chip was everytime more difficult to obtain. I remember the adaptor was mainly offered as a replacement for the Dark-Star Chaos, it's a pity the Wayback Machine doesn't go back than 1998 for Blacet but I'm fairly sure of that.

Looking the good pictures on Flickr, the controls on the Syn-Bow and the schematic of the Percussive Noise Voice that Blacet published in Polyphony it seems that the Dark-Star Chaos and the Syn-Bow are very very similar machines (Note: the Percussive Noise Voice could be considered as a first version of the Dark-Star Chaos). Of course, there is a pressure pad! Because that, and the handle the Syn-Bow is a instrument, not a module.

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